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838A. Early Appleton Tracy & Co. 14K Solid Gold Hunting Case Pocket Watch
This fine, early American Watch Co. hunter is 18 size (case diameter 54 mm). The case is marked A. W. Co for American Watch Co., and is 14K solid gold and so marked. I guarantee my solid gold watches to be solid gold. The case is extremely nice with no dents and almost no visible wear. The lid opens and closes correctly. The only flaw is a tiny one, a tiny little nick on the edge of the back. This is shown in the image mosaic but very hard to pick out because this is a very tiny "flaw".

The movement is an Appleton Tracy & Co. grade, marked adjusted, and lever set. This would have been considered a railroad grade watch when made in about 1881. The movement is very nice with gilt finish, 15 jewels, and micrometer regulator. This is the original movement and case combination. The dial is porcelain, original, and has no visible flaws. The hands are original, matching, and perfect. This is a very, very nice watch.

This is a 40dwt case. The net gold weight is 62 grams. The total weight of the entire watch is 130.7 grams. $2499

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685C. Elgin 14K Solid Multi-Color Gold. 6 Size, Hunting Case Pocket Watch.
This antique Elgin pocket watch is 6 size (case diameter 41 mm). The case is solid 14k gold and marked Warranted, 14K, U. S. Assay, BWCC (Brooklyn Watch Case Co.). One side has a flower made of yellow, white, green, and pink gold with a tiny diamond in the center. The other side is a pink shield with initials T, A, and O or C or D? Case has only very light wear and opens and closes correctly.

The movement is Elgin with 11 jewels. This is a pendant set watch. The original porcelain dial is excellent. This watch was made in about 1896. $649

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