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I've been buying, selling, and collecting watches for over 25 years. I've been a member (No. 98326) of the NAWCC (National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors) since 1988. I started out selling watches from mailing lists. The Internet has gradually replaced mailing lists. I generally sell American Railroad, keywind, and solid gold pocket watches, high grade wrist watches, vintage military watches, marine chronometers, and deck watches although I never know what might show up. I tend to find quite a few Hamiltons, maybe because I like them. Long-time customers know that I have a pretty fast turnover rate - I strongly recommend that you contact me right away if you see a watch here that you like. That sounds like a sales pitch, but it's more truth than hype. All watches are subject to prior sale. I do sell watches on eBay from time to time.


I always make a sincere effort to describe each watch correctly - significant defects are always noted. I want repeat customers, not former customers. I have an almost unconditional 3-day return policy. The only condition is that the item must be returned in the same condition it was in when sent. All watches run unless the description states otherwise. Normally, all watches will keep time within about 5 minutes per day, and most keep much better time than that. If exact timekeeping ability is of great importance to you, feel free to ask about any specific piece.


I'm always open to reasonable trade offers. Please keep in mind that I'm not likely to take trade-ins at any price above high wholesale. But go ahead and ask, who knows what might happen! Under normal market conditions I will also accept gold bullion coins, karat gold scrap, and silver bullion in trade.


The price listed is my best price for each watch. Offers at less than listed price are appreciated, but will not be considered.

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  • Military Watches, Chronometers, Deck Watches
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